A Rich Context Model: Design and Implementation

Föreläsare: Alisa Sotsenko, doktorand vid institutionen för medieteknik
Titel: A Rich Context Model: Design and Implementation

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The latest developments of mobile devices include a variety of hardware features that allow for more rich data collection and services. Numerous sensors, Internet connectivity, low energy Bluetooth connectivity to other devices (e.g., smart watches, smart armbands) are just examples of hardware that helps to provide additional information that can be beneficially used for many application domains. For example, they could be utilized in mobile learning scenarios (e.g., for data collection in science education, field trips), in m-health scenarios (e.g., for health data collection and monitoring the health state of patients, changes in health conditions and/or detection of emergency situations), in personalized recommender systems and other domains.

This information captures the current context situation of the user that could help to make mobile applications more personalized and deliver a better user experience. Moreover, the context related information collected by the mobile device and the different applications can be enriched by using additional external information sources (e.g., Web Service APIs), which help to describe the user´s context situation in more details.

The main challenge in context modeling is the lack of generalization at the core model, as most of existing context models depend on the particular application domains/scenario. I tackle this challenge by conceptualizing and designing a rich generic context model. In this thesis, I present the state of the art of recent approaches used for context modeling and introduce an algorithm for domain independent context modeling approach. Additionally, I investigate whether context information can enhance existing services and mobile applications by making them sensible to the user´s current situation.

Om Alisa Sotsenko

Alisa Sotsenko is a PhD Student in Computer and Information Science at Linnaeus University, Sweden, since August 2014. She holds a MSc in Computer Science (ONPU) Odessa, Ukraine and in Computer Science (Linnaeus University), Växjö, Sweden. She conducts her research under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Marc Jansen with the CeLekT group at the Department of Media Technology of Linnaeus University.

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