Forskningsseminarium i matematikdidaktik: Now, let me explain ...

Titel: Now, let me explain ...
Tim Rowland, Emeritus Reader in Mathematics Education, University of Cambridge, England; Professor II in Mathematics Education at NTNU, Norge
Senast fredagen innan seminariet till Hanna Palmér. Ange även om du vill delta i Kalmar och att salen där därför ska ska ringas upp. Text skickas ut i samband med anmälan.


Some years ago, I developed with Cambridge colleagues a framework for identifying and analysing the role of mathematics teacher knowledge in the classroom. This framework, the Knowledge Quartet, was built on a number of things that teachers were seen to do in the course of instruction. Some time later, we realised that 'explanation' was not explicit in any of the codes that captured these instructional choices and actions. Yet Gaea Leinhardt has observed that "Instructional explanations are recognizable as being a part of the instructional landscape by teachers, students and observers". In this talk I will be trying to make sense of the absence of 'explanation' as an explicit component of the Knowledge Quartet, mainly by unpicking what it is that we do when we explain in mathematics classes.


Detta seminarium ingår i ämnet matematikdidaktiks seminarieserie. Alla kommande seminarier i serien finns samlade på matematikdidaktikens seminariesida.

OBS: Sal Ny240, Kalmar nyckel, Kalmar Hanna Palmér Lägg till i din kalender