Baltic Sea Region/China Day 2017

Sweden, other countries in the Baltic Sea Region and China – challenges in a changing global economy

During the conference, we look mainly at both the short-term and the long-term outlook for the three Baltic countries, Russia and China - but also for Sweden and emerging economies in more general terms. How can
these countries and corporations tackle new and old global challenges?


08.30–08.40: Welcome and introduction by Dean Helén Anderson

08.40–09.25: Emerging-market research at Linnaeus University. Richard Owusu, Susanne Sandberg, Per Servais & Rosalina Torres.

09.30–09.45: Recent developments in China, Hubert Fromlet,affiliated professor at Linnaeus University

09.45–10.00: Financial Stability of emerging European
economies, Aleksandar Petreski, senior adviser of the Central Bank of Macedonia and currently Ph.D. Student at JIBS

10.00–10.50: How the world affects the Swedish economy and its financial markets, Cecilia Skingsley, vice governor, Sveriges Riksbank

10.50–11.05: Break, coffee and tea.

11.10–11.50: A digital single market – growing the Baltic Sea Region, Pernilla Johansson, Chief Economist, Ph.D., Sydsvenska Industri- och

11.50–12.30: The economic outlook for the Baltic states and Russia, Laura Galdikiene, Senior Economist, Swedbank Lithuania

12.30–13.00: Discussion with the participants, moderator Mikael Lundgren, Linnaeus University

Free admission. No registration required. Welcome!

Ekonomihögskolan (School of Business and Economics at Linnaeus University), Kalmar, Gröndalsvägen 19, room NY 200 Hubert Fromlet Lägg till i din kalender