The Silence of the Bones: Eric Mjöberg and the story of the Kimberley Aboriginal Remains

Piia Posti, Concurrences, Linnéuniversitetet

During an expedition to Australia in 1910-11, Swedish zoologist Eric Mjöberg removed and then smuggled Aboriginal skeletons to Sweden. Approximately 90 years later, the Ethnographic Museum in Stockholm undertook the first voluntary repatriation of Aboriginal remains by a major European museum. About the same time, Lotte Mjöberg travels in the footsteps of her relative Eric Mjöberg and meets with the descendants of the people whose remains were removed. This presentation considers how these events are described and inscribed in a number of ways, as narratives of appropriation, repatriation and atonement.

Dacke, Växjö och Bruunska12, Kalmar Åse Magnusson Lägg till i din kalender