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Öppen föreläsning med Dr Anna Catalani, University of Lincoln (UK)

Den 19 januari 2017 kommer Dr Anna Catalani, University of Lincoln (UK) till oss på Linnéuniversitetet i Kalmar (Nisbesthska, E312) för en öppen föreläsning.

Diasporic imagination and heritage in the era of mass migration

Dr. Anna Catalani, University of Lincoln (UK)
Room E312, Nisbethska, Kalmar/Weber, Hus K, Växjö 
January 19, 2017. 10:30 am

The lecture is concerned with the changing notions and perceptions of heritage, through diasporic imagination and in the era of mass migration. The talk will address the following questions: What are the new notions of heritage in the era of mass migration? And how can the diasporic imagination be used in museum narratives to help refugees in overcoming the trauma of forced migration? By looking at the ways in which the idea of heritage changes and is expressed through art , the talk will highlight the need for a cultural and civic recognition (in museums and heritage institutions) of the new emerging heritage notions as well as the importance of diasporic imagination in re-asserting and redefining migrants history, memory and traditions in the hosting context.

Dr Anna Catalani, Reader in the School of Architecture & Design, University of Lincoln, United Kingdom. Her research interests and work are in the fields of museum and heritage studies, material culture, identities construction and (forced) diasporas.

E312, Nisbethska, Kalmar/Weber, Hus K, Växjö Lägg till i din kalender