Stefan Wagner: Hilbert Modules – in real life

Välkommen till en föreläsning i seminarieserien i matematik.


Stefan Wagner


Hilbert Modules – in real life


Hilbert modules form a category between Banach spaces (they have a little extra geometrical structure) and Hilbert spaces (they do not behave as well as these). To be a little bit more precise, Hilbert modules obey the same axioms as ordinary Hilbert spaces – except that their inner products take values in more general C*-algebras than the complex numbers. 

In this talk we introduce Hilbert modules in detail and present some of their applications in modern C*-theory with an emphasis on the classification of free C*-dynamical systems. 


Seminariet är en del av den seminarieserie som forskningsämnet matematik arrangerar regelbundet, med såväl inbjudna som egna forskare. Här kan du se hela seminarieserien.

Rum D1172, hus D, Växjö Joachim Toft Lägg till i din kalender