Forskningsseminarium i matematikdidaktik: Immigrant students' opportunities to learn mathematics: In(ex)clusion in mathematics education

Titel: Immigrant students' opportunities to learn mathematics: In(ex)clusion in mathematics education
Petra Svensson Källberg, forskarstuderande, institutionen för matematikämnets och naturvetenskapsämnenas didaktik, Stockholms universitet
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In the seminar I present and discuss (with you) my thesis, in which immigrant students' opportunities to learn mathematics are explored. The research is concerned with issues of social justice and adopts a socio-political approach. In the seminar I will talk about the background of the studies, how the studies were conducted, the two adpoted theoretical frameworks and their contributions and present and discuss the results.

In short, the thesis aims at critiquing deficit perspectives, which are often used when explaining and talking about immigrant students' low achievement in mathematics. By adopting two theoretical frameworks, one that draws on the work of Skovsmose (1994, 2014) and one on the work of Foucault (2000, 2002), it also aims at exploring possible understandings of immigrant students' opportunities to learn mathematics. The research questions are addressed in a preamble and four articles. They address immigrant students' perceptions of their opportunities to learn mathematics and how these perceptions come into existence, and the different contributions of using the theoretical frameworks. Data emanates from interviews, with immigrant students aged 15 to 16 years old and policy texts regarding schooling for newly arrived.

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