FHL seminar: The power of palaeogenomics and our mobile prehistory

Anders Götherström, Professor, Stockholms Universitet will describe the early colonization of Scandinavia and dynamic history of nomadic groups on the western Steppe.

Patterns of genomic traits have the power to identify individuals and
also populations. By following these traits through time we are able to
spotlight prehistoric migratory events that we are otherwise not able
to detect.

Anders will describe two events that we have recently identified with
paleogenomics. The first one being that of the early colonization of
Scandinavia, and how this peninsula came to be inhabited by
anatomically modern humans. The other one is a description of the
dynamic history of nomadic groups on the western Steppe. This area
was a melting-pot of different groups during the late Bronze Age and
early Iron Age.

Welcome to the seminar on Friday February 16, at 13.00-13.40 in N2007,
Västergård, Smålandsgatan 26E, Kalmar. The seminar is in English.

We are live-streaming the seminar via YouTube.
Please join us at: www.youtube.com/user/LNUtest
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Most of the seminar will be available on demand later at LnuPlay.

N2007, Västergård, Smålandsgatan 26E, Kalmar Michael Lindberg Lägg till i din kalender