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Linnaeus Physics Colloquium: The Large Hadron Collider vs The Standard Model

Välkommen till Linnaeus Physics Colloquium, en seminarieserie med framstående forskare i fysik.

The picture represents the production of a Higgs boson, followed by its decay into four muons. Credit: courtesy of the ATLAS experiment at CERN.

Föreläsare: Professor Gabriele Ferretti, Chalmers
Titel: The Large Hadron Collider vs The Standard Model

Plats: Kalmar – sal N1002, Norrgård. Växjö – via länk, rum D0073, hus D. Live – via Adobe Connect,

Kaffe och bullar kl 13.45 på Norrgård, sal N1002.


In an underground tunnel near Geneva there is an ongoing battle between the largest machine ever built (the Large Hadron Collider) and the most successful theory of sub-nuclear physics ever constructed (the Standard Model). I will introduce the two contenders, discuss their strengths and their weaknesses and speculate on what the final outcome of this fight could be and what it could mean.

Kalmar: sal N1002, Norrgård. Växjö: via länk, rum D0073, hus D. Live: Carlo Canali Lägg till i din kalender