Alexander Alodjants: Mathematical and physical beauty of polaritonics

Välkommen till en föreläsning i seminarieserien i matematik.


Alexander Alodjants


Mathematical and physical beauty of polaritonics


In my talk I shell review recent achievements with new quantum state of coupled matter-field states known as exciton polaritons. Semiconductor microcavities are promising for various optoelectronic applications where the quantum matter-field interface plays an essential role. In such systems low branch polaritons can be treated as a 2D weakly interacting bosonic gas. The polariton lasers are currently available new optoelectronic devices for which coherent emission (“lasing”) occurs due to BEC of low branch exciton-polaritons. In my talk I am going to consider in details various theoretical approaches  for design of photonic circuits with exciton polariton condensates. The obtained results are discussed in the framework of modern quantum algorithms. 


Seminariet är en del av den seminarieserie som forskningsämnet matematik arrangerar regelbundet, med såväl inbjudna som egna forskare. Här kan du se hela seminarieserien.

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