Eddie Wadbro: An introduction to material distribution topology optimization and some of its applications

Välkommen till en föreläsning i seminarieserien i matematik.


Eddie Wadbro, biträdande universitetslektor, institutionen för datavetenskap, Umeå universitet


An introduction to material distribution topology optimization and some of its applications


Numerical design optimization comes in different flavors, depending on the choice of parameterization. Three main branches in numerical design optimization in increasing levels of generality are sizing optimization, boundary shape optimization, and topology optimization.

Sizing optimization is used to find the optimal thicknesses (sizes) of the parts in a structure, such as the dimensions of individual beams in a truss structure. In boundary shape optimization, geometry changes, given by boundary displacements of the reference configuration, are examined. The optimal design obtained using boundary shape optimization is topologically equivalent with the reference configuration. The most general approach is topology optimization, where the connectedness of the optimal design is determined as a part of the optimization.

All these approaches are used in modern design processes, but typically in different stages. This talk will present the most common approach to perform topology optimization, often called the material distribution approach, and illustrate how this method can be used to solve various problems in linear elasticity, acoustic- and electromagnetic wave propagation as well as in transportation.


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