Guillaume Adenier: Test of the no-signaling principle in CHSH experiments

Välkommen till en föreläsning i seminarieserien i matematik.


Guillaume Adenier


Test of the no-signaling principle in CHSH experiments


The no-signaling principle is an essential feature of quantum theory, as it hides quantum non-locality behind a veil of randomness, and thus keeps it from a direct conflict with special relativity. I will show that testing the fulfilment of this principle is possible with modern tests of Bell’s theorem, in particular with highly efficient “loophole-free” CHSH experiments. I will show that increasing the sample size of event-ready detections in the CHSH experiment recently performed in Delft by Hensen et al. actually leads to an apparent violation of the no-signaling principle, and I will discuss the significance of this result.


Seminariet är en del av den seminarieserie som forskningsämnet matematik arrangerar regelbundet, med såväl inbjudna som egna forskare. Här kan du se hela seminarieserien.

Rum D1172, hus D, Växjö Joachim Toft Lägg till i din kalender