Public defence in ecology: Oscar Nordahl

Title: Intraspecific diversity of pike (Esox Lucius) in the Baltic Sea and new insights of thermoregulation of fish
Research discipline: Ecology
Faculty: Faculty of Health and Life Sciences, Linnaeus University
Date: Friday the 7th of December, 09.30
Location: Fullriggaren, Landgången 4, Kalmar

Opponent: Prof Juha Merilä, University of Helsinki
Chairman: Prof Anders Forsman, Linnaeus University
Examining committee:
Prof Eva Bergman, Karlstad University
Doc Pär Byström, Umeå University
Doc Andreas Svensson, Linnaeus University
Supervisor: Prof Per Larsson, Linnaeus University

The thesis will be made public on Tuesday the 6th of November, at 09:00 am at the University library in Kalmar (Nygatan 18 A) and at 09:30 am at Vita.

Fullriggaren, Landgången 4, Kalmar Lägg till i din kalender