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Dr. Google is ready to see you: Privacy dilemmas arising from co-owned personal health data

Heart rate, sleep patterns, and location information: Citizens share their personal data daily through social media and connected devices. Recently, the corporate entities of Facebook, Google and Amazon have entered into further sensitive areas of personal data, such as health and medical data.

– Citizens and patients do not clearly know who owns, utilizes or shares their personal data, says Cory, a social science researcher focusing on privacy and ethics in technology.

Do patients have ownership of their personal health data? Or do they co-own their personal health data with the government, municipalities, Google and

During the seminar, Cory Robinson will explore and discuss the privacy and ethical dilemmas of co-owned health data, and the benefits and risks arising from the use of medical data.

- Health data is one of the most sensitive types of data, and individuals assuming healthcare decisions are confidentially noted between the provider and the patient may be unrealistic, says Cory, adding that hospitals have troves of information that can be valuable to hackers.

Personal health and medical data have a financial value and can be sold to criminals, too. For the past three years, the healthcare sector in the U.S. has been hacked more times than the financial sector.

– Medical institutions are easy targets since hospital IT systems are rarely updated, and social engineering can be utilized to gain access to pseudonymization algorithms, says Cory Robinson.

This seminar will be held in English!

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Datum:  Torsdag 12 september
Tid: 14.30-16.00 (Fika från 14.00)
Sal: Porfyr_Ma1065K , Hus Magna,
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