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Information systems representation and resolution over and in time and space

Välkommen till ett seminarium i informatik med professor Sundeep Sahay från Universitetet i Oslo.


Information systems representation and resolution over and in time and space


Professor Sundeep Sahay, Institutt for informatikk, Universitetet i Oslo, Norge


Time and space are root metaphors which shape every aspect of our social lives. We draw upon three fundamental categories of time and space (Context, Social Interpretations and Materiality) to understand how time-space play a fundamental role in shaping the construction and use of representations of a social phenomenon through digital means.

How representations travel and are used by different actors is described through the concept of resolution, broadly reflecting the degree of clarity of the representation. Representation, resolution and time-space provide the foundational concepts of the proposed next generation theory. The proposed theory is illustrated through a case study drawn from the context of a national scale public health information system, introduced by the Government of India for tracking care processes to pregnant women and infants requiring their compulsory immunization cycle. al categories that time-space, representations and resolutions play in the organization of social life, arguably the proposed theory provides a critical lens to challenge our taken for granted assumptions and interrogate large scale and radical social phenomenon concerning the interactions between ICTs and society, such as domains of big data, social media, surveillance capitalism, humanitarian assistance and other issues of societal relevance.

Sal B3033, hus B, Linnéuniversitetet, Växjö. Live: Erdelina Kurti Lägg till i din kalender