Olfa Draouil, Senda Ounaies

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Föreläsare/Lecturer 1, 13.15-14.00

Olfa Draouil, Oslo University


Viable insider markets


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Föreläsare/Lecturer 2, 14.15-15.00

Senda Ounaies, University Tunis el Manar


Equilibrium of a production economy with unbounded attainable allocations set


In this paper, we consider a production economy with an unbounded attainable set where the consumers may have non-complete non- transitive preferences. To get the existence of an equilibrium, we provide an asymptotic property on preferences for the attainable consumptions. We show that this condition holds true if the set of attain- able allocations is compact or, when preferences are representable by utility functions, if the set of attainable individually rational utility levels is compact. This assumption generalizes the CPP condition of Allouch (2002) and covers the example of Page et al. (2000) when the attainable utility levels set is not compact. So we extend the previous existence results with unbounded attainable sets in two ways by adding a production sector and considering general preferences.


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