Public defence in caring science: Sígrídur Sía Jónsdóttír

Title: Effects of perinatal distress, satisfaction in partner relationship and social support on pregnancy and outcome of childbirth.
Research discipline: Caring sciences
Faculty: Faculty of Health and Life Sciences, Linnaeus University
Date: Wednesday the 29th of May, 10.00
Location: Lapis Vi1158, Building Vita, Kalmar
Opponent: Docent Margareta Larsson, Uppsala University
Chairman: PhD Ingrid Djukanovic, Linnaeus University
Examining committee: Docent Pall Biering, University of Iceland; Docent Elizabeth Crang Svalenius, Lunds University; Docent Kristina Schildmeijer, Linnaeus University
Supervisor: Professor Katarina Swahnberg, Linnaeus University

The thesis will be made public on Tuesday the 7th of May, at 10.00 at the University library in Kalmar (Nygatan 18 A).

Lapis Vi1158, Building Vita, Kalmar Lägg till i din kalender