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Disruptive but not disreputable: discussing open access

Välkommen till en föreläsning med Michele Gibney, doktorand vid institutionen för informatik vid Linnéuniversitetet och Head of Publishing and Scholarly Support vid University of the Pacific, USA.

Michele Gibney is a doctoral student at the Department of informatics at Linnaeus University. She is the Head of Publishing and Scholarly Support at the University of the Pacific, USA, where she provides leadership in scholarly communications to faculty and students and manages the institutional repository. Her latest research involves the effect of open access on authors, researchers and other stakeholders involved in the scholarly communications life-cycle.


The open access landscape is highly disruptive to established publishing practices and large changes are taking place globally in this arena. Some dismiss and resist the evolution of open access publishing practices as disreputable progress and wish to turn back the clock while others laud it as the future rise of scholarship.

This presentation will provide a broad overview of the open access discussion and focus on several research projects currently underway to ascertain faculty, student, and alumni reactions to their own open access author- and reader-ship from both developed and transition countries.