Tracking deep life in deep time in the granitic bedrock – from Smaaland to Mars?

What can a piece of drill core from the upper crust in Smaaland tell us about ancient life in an environment hidden beneath our feet and perhaps also give clues about how to find life on other planets?

In this seminar the findings from geochemical-geobiological investigations at the Äspö hard rock laboratory and related sites will be presented by Dr. Henrik Drake from Linnaeus University and put in global and astrobiological perspectives. 

Date: March 22 
Time: 13:00-13:35
Location: Room Azur (Vi2166), 2nd floor, Vita, Norra Kajplan 6
The seminar is in English and will be available later on LnuPlay

Caption: Calcite crystals precipitated in response to microbial activity in a fracture at 200 m depth at Laxemar Sweden. Tweezers shown for scale. Size of crystals ~5 mm (height). Photo credit: Henrik Drake.

Azur (Vi2166), 2nd floor, Vita Lägg till i din kalender