molekylära motorer

With biophysical experiments, computational models and applications to the core of molecular motor function

Myosin molecules of different classes are of critical importance for most aspects of Eucaryotic organism and cell motion. In this seminar Professor Alf Månsson gives an overview of their recent and on-going fundamental and applied studies of myosin motors and their interactions with actin filaments. Particularly, he will zoom in on the core of the force-generating mechanism and its association with release of the ATP hydrolysis product, inorganic phosphate, from the active site of myosin.

Date: October 11
Time: 13:00-13:40
Location: Room Magenta (Vi2144), Vita, Norra Kajplan 6
The seminar is in English.

Watch the seminar live:
The seminar will also be available later on LnuPlay.

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