Linnaeus Physics Colloquium: Gamma-ray emission from active galactic nuclei

Välkommen till Linnaeus Physics Colloquium, en seminarieserie med framstående forskare i fysik.

Föreläsare: Matteo Cerruti, "la Caixa" Junior Leader Fellow, Institut de Ciències del Cosmos, Universitat de Barcelona, Spanien

Titel: Gamma-ray emission from active galactic nuclei


Active Galactic Nuclei (AGN), the effect of accretion of matter onto super-massive black-holes, are among the brightest objects in the Universe. They radiate photons over the whole electromagnetic spectrum, from radio waves up to gamma-rays. The gamma-ray emission is produced at the level of the relativistic jets of plasma that are launched along the polar axis of the black hole. Observations in the gamma-ray band can be used to study a large variety of physical processes, from particle acceleration mechanisms, to the launching and propagation of black holes' jets.

In this talk I will review the most recent observational results on gamma-ray emission from AGNs, discussing both MeV/GeV data from Fermi/LAT and TeV data from ground based Cherenkov telescopes.