Seminarium Centrum för naturvetenskapernas didaktik

Social semiotics in physics and astronomy education research

Välkommen till en föreläsning i seminarieserien för Centrum för naturvetenskapernas didaktik.

Urban Eriksson, Universitetslektor, Lunds Universitet
Kim Svensson, Doktorand, Lunds Universitet 
Moa Eriksson, Doktorand, Lunds Universitet

Social semiotics in physics and astronomy education research


Social semiotics is a framework that studies group meaning making using semiotic resources, such as different graphs, formulas, gestures, and animations, and as such has proven to be a successful framework for describing teaching and learning in physics education. The framework is still under development and new constructs are frequently added to further the framework. Physicists, astronomers, and other disciplinary experts, have developed specialized ways to talk and represent different disciplinary concepts and both professionals and students must be able to move between them with ease. By adding to the development of social semiotics we are able to obtain further insights into how to analyse and describe these types of changing representations and to better understand how the meaning making functions change in different settings and learning situations.

In this talk Lund University Physics Education Research (LUPER) group will present their research and latest contributions to social semiotics, focusing in particular on disciplinary discernment, relevance structure and transduction.

Datum och tid/Time and date
15 januari 2021 kl. 10.00-11.00

Zoomlänk till seminariet
Meeting ID: 627 2889 5692
Passcode: 1234

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