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Welcome to FestiWell

Our first year of working and studying together under pandemic conditions, that is, mostly digitally and from home, has shaped and shifted our idea of well-being, and has led us to consider how we want to create, advance and foster well-being, now and in future. Instead of returning “back to normal”, how can we do better, take greater care of ourselves, others and our environment? What opportunities do we see? What can we look forward to?

Under the headline “Taking Well-Being Forward”, FestiWell will highlight research and education, values and actions to create, advance and foster well-being. Over the course of two days you will be able to gain valuable insights into the EUniWell community, join in the conversation on well-being, the celebration of the first year of EUniWell, and discover opportunities to get involved!

The FestiWell programme will:

  • Explore what well-being can mean for us at the EUniWell partner universities and beyond. 
  • Be a celebration of what has been achieved so far, showcasing ways for students and staff to join in in taking EUniWell forward in the years to come.
  • Highlight ways our universities contribute to well-being through research and education, as well as through their values and actions beyond laboratories and lecture halls.

This knowledge exchange will enable you to learn about and take part in new and existing key initiatives, mobility opportunities, and research areas of EUniWell. You will also have the opportunity to get to know EUniWell staff and students from the comfort of your own sofa - in online chats and break-out sessions - or during campus conversations, visit insightful talks and join in with a number of cultural events. Student initiatives and student life on our EUniWell university campuses are also waiting to be discovered.

Linnaeus University hosts two events during Festiwell

Spotlight on Mobility Opportunities, where you learn about the opportunity to study abroad within our new exciting European University Alliance EUniWell. Students who have studied at the campuses share their experience, and you will learn how you can become an exchange student within EUniWell.

Make Music Matter, where we share a collaborative project about music, creativity, well-being and belief in the future for pupils in school classes. The project is interdisciplinary for the whole school to work on.


All FestiWell Events are free of charge! Please, register here.


Se the full programme for Festiwell on the EUniWell web site.

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