IMS seminarium aurora

Alžbeta Jurkovičová: 'Media Integration in the Works of Tage Danielsson'

Välkommen till det veckovisa IMS-seminariet!

This seminar is in English.

This week we will be visited by Alžbeta Jurkovičová, a visiting PhD student from Brno, who will present her work-in-progress project about Media Integration in the Works of Tage Danielsson.


In my presentation, I first set out to explore media integration in two specific examples of Tage Danielsson's literary works: Mannen som slutade röka: en psykisk thriller and Grallimatik: struntpratets fysiologi. Both these media products are characterized by strong multimodality and they are dominated by several different kinds of semiotic signs. The presentation aims to explore the substantial integration of text and image, as well as to focus on mechanisms that come into play in the process of interpretation and perception of the mentioned works. I analyse how the verbal texts and the still images are connected and communicate together, and how meaning is created through the combination and integration of these expressions in various degrees. In the presentation's third part, I subsequently explore intermedial transfers and transformations present in the film adaptation Mannen som slutade röka.

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Photo: 'Aurora - Connecting Senses’, Cristina Pop-Tiron & Signe Kjær Jensen