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When Academic Freedom Fades

Scholars at Risk Sweden section invites you to the seminar:
When Academic Freedom Fades.

Early signs and consequences of threats against the freedom of academics.

Location: Zoom (Link is provided to registered participants)

Registration: Registration for Webinar SAR Sweden: When academic freedom fades. (office.com)                            

Academic freedom is threatened in many places around the world. How can we identify the process of fading academic freedom – from the first signs to serious threats and problematic situations for academics? Can common traits be discovered? What effects does the limitation of academic freedom have on society? How does it feel to live through that process? Is there a risk that academic freedom fades away in Sweden? This seminar covers both the concrete example of how an individual is affected and the general traits and trends.


13.00–13.10 Welcome and introductory remarks  
Denise Roche, SAR Europe and Karolina Catoni, SAR Sweden

13.10–13.30 Consequences of Signing a Peace Petition – the Turkish example
Ahmet Gürata, Senior Visiting Scholar, Institute for Turkish Studies, Stockholm University

13.30–13.50 Early Signs of Threats against Academic Freedom 
Staffan I Lindberg, Director, V-Dem Institute, Dept. of Political Science, University of Gothenburg

13.50–14.20 Breakout discussions

14.20–14.30 Concluding remarks


If you have questions about the seminar or registration procedures, contact Fredrik Sjögren: fredrik.sjogren@hv.se