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Meeting Media Minds: João Queiroz, Intermediality and intersemiotic translation on self-inspection — 'process-regulated models'

'Meeting Media Minds – Critical Legacies of Lars Elleström' is an open, online lecture series, commemorating the life and work of Lars Elleström. The series is organised by IMS.

This lecture is in English

In this seventh open lecture in our Meeting Media Minds series, João Queiroz will give a presentation titled Intermediality and intersemiotic translation on self-inspection — 'process-regulated models'.


In recent years, we have approached a series of problems related to intermediality, focusing our attention on (i) models and theories, their structures, fundamental components, and scopes of application; (ii) a limit kind of semiotic phenomena - intersemiotic translation - the result of which are super-specialized domains of creative experimentation. This presentation has two purposes, which are clearly interrelated — discussion on intermediality should not neglect a metatheoretical discussion of models and their fundamental components; intersemiotic translation is default, on many scales of observation. At the first step, fundamental problems and subproblems are identified, and their co-dependency relationships are analyzed. Secondly, an approach to intersemiotic translation (IT) based on Peircean semiotics, distributed cognitive science and process philosophy is proposed. The central propositions of this approach are: (i) IT is semiosis; (ii) IT is a dynamic process; (iii) IT is a cognitive artefact. The question “what is an intersemiotic translation?” is thus related to the question “what is semiosis?”.


João Queiroz is a professor at the Institute of Arts, and the Postgraduate Program in Communication, Federal University of Juiz de Fora, Brazil. He has been teaching courses on Cognitive Semiotics and Intermedial Arts, and he has been supervising Ph.D. and Master's Degree students in Semiotics, Art & Technology and Cognitive Science. João Queiroz has been coordinating several artistic projects on intersemiotic translation, from literature and music to comics, graphic illustration, poetry, performance and contemporary dance since 2008 (see Iconicity Research Group:

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