Maria Hägglund
Forskningsseminarie e-hälsa

Patients access to their electronic health records – experiences from Sweden and an international outlook

What happened when Swedish citizens got access to their medical records online? Did it change the dynamic between patients and healthcare providers? What are the most important reasons for reading the record? 17th of March researcher Maria Hägglund will present ten years of studies following the implementation process and effects of letting Swedish citizens getting full access to their medical records.

I´m interested in the implementation process. What makes a new technology acceptable? What causes conflicts between stakeholders and what are the technical, organizational and social challenges? 

During her seminar she would like to present ten years of studies in the field and discuss how this type of e-health services might develop in the future. She will present some preliminary results from a recent national patient survey in Sweden with over 13 000 participants. As part of the NORDeHEALTH research project, the same questions were also asked to patients in Norway, Finland and Estonia. 

- We get more and more access to real world data that patients can create and share and I think this will be a game changer for the future. 

In her studies she can see that that the dynamic between patients and the care providers has changed and that patients might become a more equal partner in their own care. 

- Home-monitoring is exploding and if we in the future can merge health care generated data with the patient’s own data, we can use it for improved decision making and improved quality of care.

Date  Thursday, 17th of March
Time: 15.00-16.00
Zoom-link: The link will be sent out one day before the seminar to everyone that registered. 

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