Francisco Muñoz
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Lithium oxynitride phosphate solid electrolytes for batteries

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Dr. Francisco Muñoz, Institute of Ceramics and Glass (CSIC), Madrid (Spain)


Lithium oxynitride phosphate solid electrolytes for batteries


The new glass battery will power our future solar-powered, electrical vehicles, PC, mobiles, homes, and industries more efficiently than the conventional one. Furthermore, glass batteries are far safer as they will not explode and can be operated in sub-zero temperatures. The incorporation of nitrogen in the glass network produces very interesting modifications, not only increasing the thermal and chemical stability but also giving rise to a notable increase of ionic conductivity. The substitution of nitrogen for oxygen produces an improvement of the main properties of either bulk phosphate glasses or their amorphous films, which are related to the so-called LiPON electrolytes employed in lithium micro-batteries. Our research has demonstrated that the increase of conductivity is intimately related to the atomic structure of the glasses, which can be controlled through composition. Currently, we are designing new electrolytes, based on the thermodynamic model of associated solutions from which the structure and properties of glasses can be obtained. This talk will review the main features of the processing and structure of this type of special glasses used in the batteries and will present the first results on the thermodynamic calculation of ionic conductivity of oxynitride phosphates.

Datum och tid/Time and date

17 oktober 2022 kl. 14.00-15.00


Via Zoom eller rum K2203V, hus K, Växjö 
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