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Conceptualizing Nexus Analysis for a Study in Education

Välkommen till ett seminarium i Educational Linguistics regi.

Conceptualizing Nexus Analysis for a Study in Education

With nexus analysis’ roots in sociology and applications in applied linguistics, educational researchers face the challenge of applying the methodology to educational contexts. While the fit is obvious to some, others find it complicated and fail to see the unique insights its use might bring in comparison with other methodologies more commonly used in educational research. Indeed, the word limit constraints of journal articles add to the challenge as there is rarely sufficient room to fully explain all aspects of the methodology. In this seminar, I present how I conceptualize nexus analysis in educational research, the unique affordances it has provided in my research, and challenges I have encountered in knowledge dissemination. I conclude with suggestions for the use of nexus analysis, based on my previous success in publishing journal articles using this methodology. 


Roswita Dressler, PhD is an Associate Professor in the Werklund School of Education at the University of Calgary. Her research examines second language teaching and learning. She has published articles using nexus analysis in the Canadian Modern Language Review and Journal of Language, Identity and Education.