hand som håller i en planta
Seminarium i kemi och biomedicin

Natural products of Western Australia

On 19 April, Andrew Bloomfield, organic chemist with experience in natural products isolation and organic synthesis, will be a guest at the Department of Chemistry and Biomedical Sciences seminar series.

Following 70 years of Western Australian phytochemistry, we show that endemic species persist as rich sources of interesting natural products.
The phytochemical investigation of plants from a geographically unique region showed multiple outcomes including:

  1. Evaluation of the customary use of plants by Indigenous Australians.
  2. Isolation of large quantities of natural products using facile methods.
  3. Isolation of bioactives through bioassay-guided fractionation.
  4. Characterisation of structurally unprecedented natural products.

The seminar is open to the public and is held both on-site in room Azur, building Vita in Kalmar, and via Zoom at this link.