Kristina Myrvold receives funding for workshop

Kristina Myrvold at the Department of Cultural Sciences has been granted funding from the Swedish Research Council for organizing the workshop “Miniature Books: Production, Print and Practice” at Linnaeus University campus Växjö on October 5-6, 2016. The purpose is to discuss empirical and theoretical issues related to the miniaturization of religious and secular books and how the manufacture, use, and material properties of printed small books can be attributed various semantic, performative, and iconic meanings and functions. The plan is to prepare an edited volume about miniature books in different traditions based on the papers presented.

The invited guest speakers are:
- James W. Watts, Professor of Religions at Syracuse University
- Ulrike Stark, Professor of South Asian Languages at University of Chicago
- Bill Bell, Professor of English Literature at Cardiff University
- Heather Coffey, Assistant Professor of History of Art at OCAD University
- Dorina Miller Parmenter, Associate Professor of Religious Studies at Spalding University
- Marianne Schleicher, Associate Professor of Jewish Studies at Aarhus University

The workshop will also include presentations from members of the academic network “Classical religious texts in global contexts” which was established in 2015 by researchers at University of Stavanger, VID Specialized University, University of Hamburg, and Linnaeus University for the purpose of developing a new research field for the study of religious texts.