Pris för bästa artikel till Per Strömblad

Per Strömblad har tillsammans med Bo Malmberg, professor i kulturgeografi vid Stockholms universitet, vunnit pris för årets bästa artikel under 2016 i den amerikanska tidskriften Journal of Urban Affairs med motiveringen:

"We are very happy to choose Per Strömblad and Bo Malmberg's paper as the best paper in the Journal of Urban Affairs for 2017. Their analysis of the relationship between exposure to immigrants, economic conditions, and xenophobic party voting patterns is timely and makes important links between local and national political outcomes. The authors use a novel and rigorous methodology to clearly demonstrate that neighborhood-scale dynamics matter for xenophobic party preferences. This work will be of interest not only to those whose focus is on local political dynamics and neighborhood-scale outcomes, but also to the broader community of scholars actively engaged in understanding the often puzzling rise of xenophobic parties and candidates in Europe and North America today. The article is well written and very accessible, and makes an excellent contribution to urban scholarship and pressing political questions."