At Natures Edge: Ny bok med Professor Gunnel Cederlöf

At Natures Edge: The Global Present and Long-term History

Redaktörer: Professor Gunnel Cederlöf och Professor Mahesh Rangarajan

1: Provincializing the Anthropocene: Eurocentrism in the Earth System, Kathleen D. Morrison
2: Anthropogenic Landscapes of the Central Himalayas, Vasudha Pande
3: Wild Children, Michael Adams
4: An Historical Ecology of Cattle in Mozambique, Anneli Ekblom
5: Wild Beasts in the City, Harini Nagendra
6: History Eats its Young: The Perils of Short-Termism in Understanding the Past, Sandra Swart
7: Going, Going, Gone: A History of Israel's Biodiversity, Alon Tal
8: History and the Militarized Landscape: Long Historical and Broad Social Views, David Biggs
9: Natural' No More? Delhi's Yamuna River, Ravi Agarwal
10: South Asia's Coastal Frontiers, Sunil Amrith
11: Narratives from Indian Seas: Marine Resource Use, Ecosystem Responses, and Accidents of History, Rohan Arthur
12: Expanding Nature Conservation: Considering Wide Landscapes and Deep Histories, T. R. Shankar Raman
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