Standards and reality: the yin and yang in evaluation of eHealth

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) the diffusion of eHealth in the daily practice of health care systems is slower than expected. Decision-makers in health care are particularly careful and need credible evidence when choosing to invest in eHealth.

Over years, a variety of theoretical frameworks and standards have been proposed to support evaluators and decisionmakers while assessing
eHealth initiatives. Standardization is considered as among the solutions to improve quality of evaluations as it creates methodological uniformity and enhances research credibility.

Monika, a PhD student at Chalmers, studies the use of standards in eHealth evaluation practice.  Friday 12 January she comes to the eHealth Institute to tell more about her research focuses on the implementation and assessment of digital technologies in healthcare.

- A number of scholars are concerned that standards are used insufficiently in eHealth evaluation practice. During my seminar, I would like to discuss the issues of using the standards in practice and the need of a trade-off between standards and context, says Monika.

Var och när?
Datum:  Fredag 18 januari
Tid :10.15-11.45
Sal/Plats: Sal Azar, Universitetskajen, Hus Vita, plan 2, Adress Norra Kajplanen 6 (Följ skylten hus Vita genom byggarbetsplatsen på hamnsidan nära turistbyrån). 
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