A few places left at FestiWell 2023 – sign up now!

There are still places available for some of the activities during FestiWell in Växjö on 3-4 April. See the list below!

The number of places is limited, so first come, first served. Registration closes at 14.00 on Friday, March 24.

A direct link to the registration is available here.    

Monday 3 april

10:00-11:00 Theme: Wellbeing Activity
Nutrition Workshop with OAS Café
Interactive Baking Workshop.
Target group: All

13.00-15.00 Theme: Employability
Workshop with Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Southern Sweden 
We hope to have a member company coming to FestiWell to give their perspective on organisation culture in an international context. 
Target group: All

13.00-15.00 Theme: Digitalisation
Performance Lecture: Extremism on-line
Discussions about Sweden on an extremist online forum are full of hate. Participants in these discussions however also express a lot of hopelessness. In this performance lecture, both lecturer and actor provide insight into the sentiments of these discussions, and comment on aspects of life online.The performance lecture is a fusion between lecture and performance. The performance itself is recorded and will be introduced by the lecturer and there will be time for reflection and questions afterwards.
Facilitator: Emma Ricknell, Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Political Science
Target group: All

Tuesday 4 april

09.30-11.30 Theme: Employability
How to increase your employability with self-awareness

A workshop with focus on your competences, self-awareness and how that connects with the labor market and your job or potential job.
Facilitators: Fanny Elheim & Sofie Edström, Career Councellors, Linnaeus University
Target group: Students

09.30–11.00 Theme: Entrepreneurship
Pre Social Innovation Camp
Pre Social Innovation Camp is about finding challenges that you want to address in the Social Innovation Camp. All participants are gathered in a common workshop. The workshop is based on the Innovation Guide from Sweden's municipalities and regions and facilitated by Drivhusets' employees. The participants are activated in an entrepreneurial process. In the end of the session the participants will take part in Drivhuset´s business development methodology LOOPA in order to be as prepared as possible for Social Innovation Camp with Coompanion in the afternoon.
Facilitator: Drivhuset
Target group: All

09.30-10.30 Theme: Digitalisation
Lecture: Competence in an AI-driven world: challenges and opportunities
Welcome to a unique lecture on Competence in an AI-driven world. We invite you to share expert insights from Fredrik Ahlgren and Johan Leitet, who will discuss the challenges and opportunities of AI in the labor market. You will get a insight into how AI affects skill profiles and education, and understand the importance of preparing for the future. This lecture and the workshop at 10:30-12:00 is an opportunity to gain knowledge, network with other interested parties and leave with a greater understanding of the topic at hand. Welcome to Appreciate AI!
Facilitators: Fredrik Ahlgren, Senior Lecturer in Computer Science, Johan Leitet, Lecturer, Computer Science and Media Technology
Target group: All

09:30-10:30 Theme: Wellbeing Activity
Nutrition Workshop with OAS Café
Interactive Baking Workshop.
Target group: All

10.45–11.45 Theme: Wellbeing Activity
Guided sound healing meditation
Guided meditation supported by the Gong, an instrument for sound healing. Deep relaxation and stress reduction. Hopefully outside! if weather allows for it.
Facilitator: Anna Helgesson, Registered Specialist Nurse
Target group: All (no experience required)

11.00-12.00 Theme: Soft Skill
Creative writing workshop focusing on spoken word and performance
Tanya Gautam is a spoken-word poet and a doctoral researcher at the Multidisciplinary Environmental Studies in the Humanities institute at
the University of Cologne. In this guided creative writing workshop, she invites you to explore together writing and performing in the spoken-word tradition. No prior experience is expected of participants and writers at all levels are most welcome to attend. Simply put, this workshop is about warming up our creative writing muscles and attending to the thoughts and ideas that come to us during this workshop.
Facilitator: Tanya Gautam, Student Coordinator, EUniWell Central Office 
Target group: Students

13.00-16.00 Theme: Entrepreneurship
Social Innovation Camp 
Social Innovation Camp is about finding innovative solutions to societal challenges.This concept combines entrepreneurship and creation of societal benefits. All participants are gathered in a common workshop. The workshop is based on the Design Thinking method, stemming from the client and user as co-creators of the solution. A dynamic is formed as participants are activated in a common entrepreneurial process. When points of contact are created between actors, the conditions to develop workable ideas get generated.
Facilitators: Isabell Ternemo and Wille Lopez, Coompanion
Target group: All

13.00-14.00 Theme: Employability
Dance your way towards employability!
An exciting path to reach the ability to trust yourself and your own capacity in future working life. Employability is not only about having the best specific skills, education, and knowledge. In the job market, it is also important to have a positive self-esteem and self-confidence. 
In this session you will gain knowledge about how you can use dance as a tool to gain a positive self-esteem and self-confidence. And you can also try an easy dance session! 
Facilitator: Erika Lundby, PhD in social work, Linnaeus University 
Target group: All (no need for previous dance experience)

13.00-14.30 Theme: Digitalisation 
(Un)Plugged programming activity
A fun and engaging programming activity designed for those who have little to no experience with coding. Participants will create their own game from scratch (with Scratch) and hands-on experimentation.
Facilitator: TeMa Linné- Centrum för skolsamverkan
Target group: All

14.30–15.00 Theme: Wellbeing Activity
Ironwoman Soundrun
Our artist in residence programme is a residency focusing on art & science. We invite artists to collaborate for a period of time with a researcher or research groupat Linnaeus University. One recent residency is the Ironwomen Soundrun project. A collaboration between sound artist Jan Carleklev and researcher Patrick Bergman. The residency includes a process where Bergman's data on acceleration in running is transformed into sound. In Jan Carleklev’s soundrun, you will experience how Patrick Bergman’s researchdata is transformed into its own sonic world. It is an artwork in which all your senses are engaged, and where movement is in focus. You are welcome to walk or run through this artwork. 
You need your phone and headphones, you download an app via a QR-code and start at Universitetsplatsen, Växjö campus.
Facilitator: Lina Boman Lagerström, Coordinator, the University Library 
Target group: All

15:00-16:00 Theme: Wellbeing Activity
Nutrition Workshop with OAS Café
Interactive Baking Workshop.
Target group: All