Climate protests

Join an EUniWell International Student Project: “design a social media campaign and support the fight against climate change!”

Do you want to learn more about the impact of climate change? Do you want to engage with an organisation that is united by the aim to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, limit the rate of climate change and to promote climate justice? If the answer is yes, Climate Cooperation Initiatives (CCI) needs your help!

The Climate Cooperation Initiatives needs your help to:

  • Introduce CCI along with their aims as a non-profit organisation

  • Explain the concept of climate cooperation, climate club, carbon pricing, and climate finance

  • Establish a large social media community

  • Connect with other societies, organisations, activists, and politicians

About the Climate Cooperation Initiative: A group of young and committed activists based in Cologne, Germany, who are united by a desire to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, limit the rate of climate change, and to promote climate justice. CCI thrives for more effective international climate policies and to hold countries to their commitments and ultimately hope to reach an agreement for cooperative solutions – both through dialogue with political decision makers and through public debate.

The EUniWell International Student Programme will provide you with a structured, yet experiential learning opportunity where you can work with other international students to help make a difference!

What will you gain from this experience?

  • You will be working with international students from the EUniWell network

  • You will develop employability skills highly sought after by employers e.g., social media/digital marketing, interdisciplinary teamwork, local/global leadership skills and project management skills

  • You will be taught by industry experts from CCI, Markus Brandl, a digital corporate communications specialist, and academic experts

  • You will have an opportunity to make a real difference on a global scale and present your findings at an in-person event at Cologne University on Tuesday 27th June 2023

  • You will be travelling to Cologne from the 26th – 28th June 2023, travel and accommodation costs will be covered

What are the requirements?

For this international student project to be successful, you will be required to:

  • actively attend at least 75% of the dates above

  • spend additional 45 hours of independent project work in your student team and in cooperation with CCI

  • participate in the 2 day trip to Cologne for face-to-face project time and presentations

  • submit a written reflection piece on the experience and skills gained

Please submit your application to: <> by 16th March 2023. You will hear back from us by 6th April 2023

More information

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