Habib Ouerdiane

In memoriam Habib Ouerdiane

Our dear colleague Habib Ouerdiane, 29.3.1953 – 19.6.2023, Professor of Mathematics at the University Tunis El Manar, Tunisia, unexpectedly passed away, while visiting Linnaeus University in the framework of our current joint project.

He has been fostering scientific and educational cooperation between the University Tunis El Manar and Linnaeus University in many ways and in the framework of Linnaeus Palme and Erasmus plus since 2012 until today.

During these many years scientists, PhD and Master students as well as administrative staff have benefitted from the stimulating exchange of knowledge, experiences, and good practice. 

The outcomes in form of scientific publications, jointly organized conferences, PhD schools and lecture material is impressive.

He gave without measure. His sudden death, caused by a severe illness that had remained undetected, was a shock and is a great loss for all of us.

Our deepest sympathies are with his family.