EUniWell Leadership Fellowship

Researcher: Join the EUniWell Leadership Fellowship

Join the second round of the Leadership Fellowship by EUniWell’s Research Training Academy, a unique opportunity for researchers preparing to lead or already leading a research team.

This innovative programme offers the fellows multiple networking opportunities, enabling them to gain a broader perspective on leadership in a European context while placing well-being at the core of their leadership.

The Fellowship promotes well-being leadership skills in an international group of colleagues. It offers theoretical input, hands-on application, and individual development opportunities through group work and peer-to-peer formats.

Commencing on 22 April 2024 at the University of Florence, Italy, the Fellowship spans two months, concluding in late June 2024 at the Nantes Université, France. It combines live training sessions in both in-person and online formats with asynchronous learning by means of a coaching app. A further live training as well as several asynchronous trainings via the coaching app and peer-to-peer reviews take place online in the months between the two in-person workshops. The individual components are designed to provide theoretical input on leadership skills, intensive training, and peer-to-peer guidance on an individual basis.

Your application for Leadership Fellowship should be submitted by 27 March 2024.

Learn more about the EUniWell Leadership Fellowship on the EUniWell web site.