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Linnéuniversitetet värd för Open Science Community Sweden Conference 2024

Den 24-26 september hålls konferensen Open Science Community Conference 2024 på Linnéuniversitetet i Växjö. Välkommen att delta!

Aktuell information om konferensen hittar du hos Open Science Community Sweden. 

Open Science Community Sweden Conference 2024

This is the fifth annual conference of the Open Science Community Sweden. As per tradition, we co-host it together with Swedish Reproducibility Network, Replication games (by Institute for Replication), and in collaboration with IGDORE. We are financially supported by a grant from Linnaeus University and Swedish National Data Service. 

Theme of the conference

The conference theme is that of open science and reproducibility across all types of research fields. Topics such as pre-registrations, reproducibility, replications, data sharing, and open access publishing are most welcome. Importantly, the conference is not limited to quantitative approaches, and qualitative perspectives on open science are most welcome. 

We aim to be a grass-roots movement, and as such we particularly welcome submissions from researchers,  librarians, information specialists, data stewards and other people who work hands-on with open science and reproducibility. Meta-scientific perspectives on open science and reproducibility are also welcomed.

The conference is open to people from all fields and over the years we have had topics such as psychology, medicine, economics, education, neuroscience, and microbiology being presented. 

Länk till program och anmälan (öppnar 15 juni)