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EDIH Health Data Sweden (HDS)

EDIH Health Data Sweden (HDS) is a digital innovation hub composed of 4 universities, 5 regional innovation hubs and several research institutes, innovation centers and science parks as core partners. By connecting the dots between innovative companies, applied research and public sector organisations all over Europe, we advance the development of new digital healthcare.

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Partners within Health Data Sweden: 

Our role

EDIH Health Data Sweden (HDS) will contribute to securing digital health services of the future, with a focus on health data and high-quality, accessible, health-promoting, and sustainable healthcare and welfare services for all European citizens.

The hub will focus on offering and supporting the development of new products and services, implementation, and education, as well as acting as an assurance for trust and security, in addition to increasing contact with international networks.

Health Data Sweden is currently an applicant to become a European Digital Innovation Hub (EDIH) and if accepted will function as a one-stop shop that help companies dynamically respond to the digital challenges and become more competitive.

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