Festiwell 2023 at Linnaeus University

EUniWell Mobility Skills

To our EUniWell colleagues!
Here you can find information on the current training that Linnaeus University provides in mobility skills.

EUniWell Mobility Skills (EMS) are skills in the EUniWell languages (Dutch, English, French, German, Hungarian, Italian and Swedish), as well as inter-comprehension and intercultural communication. Courses will be offered to all EUniWell students, academics and staff to foster a multilingual European habitus and increase an understanding for transculturality in practice. The aim with EMS is also to increase language competences as well as to ensure that less dominant languages become more popular. 

EMS offer at Linnaeus University

Linnaeus University offers various opportunities for you to develop your mobility skills, particularly in our language Swedish but also in other EUniWell languages and in intercultural communication.

The credit courses we offer for students are also available for employees to apply for. You can find the EMS offer for students on our EUniWell student page.

Each year, Linnaeus University arranges an international staff training week with focus on intercultural communication and the global classroom. The week will also be a means to train up your English languge skills. Read more about Linnaeus University International Staff Training Week on Lnu.se