Alisa Lincke

Alisa Lincke

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Alisa Sotsenko is a PhD Student in Computer and Information Science at Linnaeus University, Sweden, since August 2014. She holds a MSc in Computer Science (ONPU) Odessa, Ukraine and in Computer Science (Linnaeus University), Växjö,Sweden. She conducts her research under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Marc Jansen with the CeLekT group at the Media Technology Department of Linnaeus University.

Alisa's research focus is on designing a rich context model for the development of contextualised mobile applications. Currently, she is working on developing cloud-based Contextualization Service as SaaS approach for mobile software developers to develop highly personalised mobile applications.

Research Interests:

- contextualized and personalized mobile applications;

- the use of modern technologies ( like IoT, Big Data analytics and Cloud Services) to enhance the teaching and learning experience in m-learning, e-learning and e-health scenarios;

- cloud-based contextualized Services and learning analytics Services;

- interactive e-Books with personalized and contextualized content and guiding support;

- contextualized public displays though personalized mobile devices;

- m-learning, m-health and e-health use-cases/scenarios and more.


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