Amrita Ghosh has a Ph.D in English from Drew University, New Jersey. Her dissertation is on Partition Literature and Postcolonial studies. Amrita has a MA in English literature from Rutgers University and has been involved in translating works from Bengali to English. She has been interested in the connection between theory and praxis and the main aim behind Cerebration is to present a reflection of that. Ghosh has been a lecturer at Seton Hall University, New Jersey and is currently a postdoctoral fellow at Linnaeus University. 


Ghosh's current project is on the literature that is emerging from Kashmir in the last five to ten years that represents the crisis in Kashmir in its varied manifestations. Her research aims to focus on Kashmir as a conflict zone and contentious space and explores what happens to postcolonial identity in a space of exception specifically on the issues of resistance, gender, agency, exile and violence. 

She is also co-editing an anthology on Tagore and Yeats in a postcolonial reenvisioning that covers topics of nationalism, masculinity, translation, orientalism and cultural hybridity. 

Ghosh edits a transcultural literary journal titled, Cerebration that caters to bridging the gap between academia and non-academic circles. She is also the assocaite editor of Feminist Modernist Studies, by Routledge. 


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