I am from Argentina. I have a PhD in Biology from Universidad de Mar del Plata, (2017) and a B. Sc. in Biology, orientation Ecology, from Universidad Nacional de La Plata (2011).

I study phytoplankton, in particular cyanobacteria, with a focus on their eco-physiology. I am particularly interested in unraveling stress responses in cyanobacteria and their mechanisms of cell death, which paradoxically ensure their life.


I teach in the course Biochemistry for Ecologists within the BSc program in biology.


My research interests are within aquatic microbial ecology with a focus on cyanobacterial ecophysiology.

I combine field studies with laboratory assays and omics approaches to elucidate the mechanisms that shape the success of cyanobacteria and their influence on the biogeochemical cycles.

At LNU I am part of a larger group working on biosilicification and its evolution through Earth's history ( Sicyc project ). I am focusing on the role that picocyanobacteria have on biosilicification and, ultimately, in the global biogeochemical silica cycle. This project is part of the research in the research group  Marine microbiolog y and in Linnaeus University Center for Ecology and Evolution in Microbial model Systems ( EEMiS ).


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