Barzoo Eliassi

Barzoo Eliassi

Institutionen för socialt arbete Fakulteten för samhällsvetenskap
23092, Hus Radix, Kalmar
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I hold a PhD in social work. My research area engages with ethnic relations, social policy, social work, citizenship and multiculturalism in Middle Eastern and west European societies.

I am currently serving as a senior lecturer in social work at Linnaeus University. Likewise, I am a research associate at Oxford University; affiliated researcher at the Centre for Refugee Studies, York University, the Centre for Middle Eastern Studies, Lund University and at Institute for Research on Migration, Ethnicity and Society FORTE Center of Excellence, Linköping University. I am also partly funded by Centre for Concurrences in Colonial and Postcolonial Studies at Linnaeus University. I joined the Centre for Middle Eastern Studies in 2011 as a postdoctoral researcher and wrote the first book on Kurdish diaspora in Sweden: Contesting Kurdish Identities in Sweden: Quest for Belonging among Middle Eastern Youth, Palgrave Macmillan (2013) and co-edited a special issue on Kurdish diasporas in Nordic Journal of Migration Research.

I have also served as a course coordinator and taught within the Master program at the Centre for Middle Eastern Studies. Currently, I teach undergraduate courses at Linnaeus University at the Department of Social Work. My current research projects engage with the Swedish welfare state and immigrant clients; football and politics of belonging; and Middle Eastern stateless diasporas. In 2015, I was headhunted and nominated by York University as a Canada Research Chair (Tier 2) for exceptional emerging researchers, acknowledged as having the potential to lead in the field on Migration and Mobilities.


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