Fredrik Lindblad

Fredrik Lindblad

Institutionen för management Ekonomihögskolan
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My current research focus is on the market and strategic components influencing the building process, which enables an increase of wooden multi-family houses. This research scope includes procurement, strategy development, logistics, construction management, building technology. My planned future research will towards sustainability within the supply chain activities related to the building process. I have also managed and developed complex research projects with mixed stakeholders from the public-, business- and university sector.

I have an industry background with over 20 years of well-rounded hands-on experience within the supply chain field, focusing on strategic and operational issues in sales, business transformation, management, program management, business process improvement, business analysis and change management. These activities have been achieved in roles with the Swedish Department of Commerce, and on a global level with Danzas, DHL and as the Global Head of Supply Chain at Aramex, where I managed an organisation with up to 2,500 employees in Asia, Africa, Europe and the Middle East.  In addition, I have several board level commitments and is active with consultancy engagements on an international level, including implementations of specific projects related to various governments, governmental organisations, NGO’s and non-profit organisation.

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