Georgios Pardalis

Georgios Pardalis

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Georgios Pardalis is a PhD candidate at the Department of Built Environment & Energy Technology at Linnaeus University. He holds a Bachelors degree in Building Engineering and Architecture (Greece), and two Masters of Science in International Project Management (Industrial Management & Economics) and Design & Construction Project Management (Civil & Environmental Engineering) from Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden.

Georgios has many years of working experience in subjects related to Quality Control and Assurance, Design Management and Project Management in infrastructure projects. Georgios has been a founding member of International Project Management Association (IPMA) Young Crew Sweden, and currently is a mentor for new members. Moreover, he has actively participated in various projects related to improvement of well-being in Africa and South-East Asia, under the Engineers Without Borders organization.


The goal of Georgios' research is the development and implementation of a Product-Service-System (under the name One-Stop-Shop) to address the renovation needs of detached and semi-detached houses (project under the supervision of Professor Krushna Mahapatra). His research aims to identify the market opportunities for such a system (having Sweden as country of reference) and examine the characteristics and relationships between the different actors in the renovation market, both from the supply and demand side. The goal of his research is to develop a business model that will have application in the Swedish market and that could be a point of reference for similar markets around Europe. Moreover, Georgios' research aims to contribute to the identification of gaps in the current policies for energy efficiency in buildings, and to empower collaborations between micro-, small-, and medium-sized enterprizes in the construction industry.


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