Jean Stevenson-Ågren

Jean Stevenson-Ågren

Institutionen för medicin och optometri Fakulteten för hälso- och livsvetenskap
"Plan 2, ABW", Hus Radix, Kalmar
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PhD in Health Informatics (University of Sheffield). Senior lecturer at LNU. Subjects English and Health Informatics.

Previously, Registered Nurse (Aberdeen), Registered Midwife (Glasgow), Intensive Care Nurse (Glasgow and Toronto), Nurse teacher (Aberdeen). Worked in Scotland, Canada and Saudi Arabia. At LNU since 2002.


Teach English, Health Informatics and eHealth.


Research in health informatics with focus on patient safety, vital signs and electronic health records. Research in development of an app to assist communication in pre-natal care for non-Swedish speakers.


Represent Faculty for Arts and Humanities in the Faculty Interest Board for eHealth (FIRE).


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