Jetro Kenneth Pocorni

Jetro Kenneth Pocorni

Institutionen för maskinteknik Fakulteten för teknik
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I am enthusiastic about mentoring and collaborating with students at all levels. Whether you are pursuing a Bachelor's, Master's, or are seeking internship opportunities, our Smart Industry Group - SIG laboratory is the perfect place to delve into exciting projects related to robotics and automation. If you don't find a topic that aligns with your aspirations among the options listed, don't hesitate to reach out. I am open to tailoring unique opportunities that match your interests and skills.

Additionally, I extend this invitation to visiting scholars, Postdocs, PhD students and interns. If you're keen on joining forces and exploring new frontiers, feel free to share your CV and transcripts with me. Together, we can contribute to groundbreaking research and innovation in the exciting field of industrial robotics!

#Erasmus, #Internship, #Robotics, #Sweden


Hardware-in-the-loop based real-time simulations in robot additive manufacturing

(re)Design av komponenter till elbilar

Design for manufacturing using robotics - components for electric vehicles

Hyperspectral imaging in robotic additive manufacturing

Controlling Franka robot with ROS

Human-robot collaboration

Robot 3D printing with fiber composite & wood based sustainable material


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