Juliana Restrepo

Juliana Restrepo

Institutionen för design Fakulteten för konst och humaniora
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Design +Change  BA Program - Group Dynamics
                                                 Design Relay

Design +Change Master Program - Metadesign


Relational Home-making
-An everyday practice focused on existing and potential relations between home, nature and systems.

Relations of thinking and knowing require care and affect how we care (Piug de la Bellacasa 2017), facilitate and open opportunities for reflection and re-orientation of priorities in our domestic environments, and the creation of change(s) within the current ecological situation.

My PhD thesis position itself in relation to participatory design, care + feminist technoscience/theory and sustainability research. The overall focus is on (future) homes and sustainability.
I use the term 'Relational home-making' as a concept to explore how different meanings, narratives, habits create different everyday understandings of home. This exploration considers a broader perspective about the meaning of  'home' while reflecting the interdependence between a home with its location and the interactions within.

Relational home-making brings forward the small everyday practices and processes which together and in different ways continuously create, sustain and develop home(s) and feeling of home(s) with particular attention towards care and relationality. Further, it challenges the notion and imaginaries of the home in relation to uncanny experiences and futures.

Adaptation, Anthropocene, Resilience, Re-orientation.